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Book a day trip on Alice with your family, friends, colleagues or fellow club members. We offer day trips around the Solent and are sure we will be able to find somewhere to visit to suit everyone. Trips can be tailored to suit so please contact us to discuss your plans, we can put together a charter plan and email it straight to you.

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Adventure Sailing

No matter your age, Alice provides a wonderful experience in learning how to sail the classic spritsail rig of a Thames Sailing Barge.   Learn to navigate, set the sails, steer the barge, hoist and lower the leeboards and anchor the vessel.  These activity is particularly enjoyable for groups such as the Scouts or Cadet Units but equally good for older associations and groups.  A day sail from Portsmouth into the Solent or longer charters provide a wide range of possibilities.

Ticket to Ryde

Perhaps from the song alone it is a place to visit. In Alice it seems impossible as she enters but mooring her alongside the inside of the north breakwater is actually quite practicable. One of the joys is that it’s only 50 meters from the sandiest fantastic beach – children really enjoy it, but it’s fun for us adults as well.

Sail to Cowes

After an exciting sail across the Solent, explore the twisty streets of the old town of Cowes. Perhaps call into the Royal Corinthian Sailing Club for lunch looking out towards Southampton with Alice moored at Trinity Wharf. If the weather is good, anchor at Osborne Bay where some dive off the side of Alice for a swim before returning to Portsmouth.

Celebrations (Static or Sailing)

Alice is the perfect and very memorable venue to celebrate with your family, friends or colleagues.  Birthdays, Anniversaries and a myriad other occasions can be held onboard, either under sail or alongside in Portsmouth or elsewhere in the Solent area.  Catering can be organised for the party or under self-catering arrangements and the party can go on late into the night.  The costs are minimal by comparison with hiring a hotel or other venues and the atmosphere onboard this historic vessel is unique.  In the past such celebrations have been held as evening, all day or weekend/longer charters.

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